Sutradhar Talk Show

Connecting through stories and performances


'कथा कहे सो कथक केहेलवे', the one who tells a story is 'Kathak'. Kathak as an art form originated from traditional storytelling form of Kirtan. With our roots in Kathak and taking inspiration from the roots of Kathak, the idea of Sutradhar Talk show came about. There are several people in society who work in unique and different ways. With an intent of unraveling untold stories of inspiring people, and creating an accessible platform for people to connect, interact and communicate, Sutradhar Talk Show started in March 2017. With this background, Sutradhar Talk Show hosts rising and accomplished talents to come forth and share their experiences through an informal talk to an intimate audience in a traditional 'Baithak' setting. Since March 2017, we have successfully hosted more than 20 talk shows on different socio-cultural topics.


Dance is a medium through which many socio-cultural issues can be expressed and made people aware about. Each of Sutradhar's Talk Show is a has a dance performance on the socio-cultural theme chosen. This is to create a platform for Indian classical dancers to showcase topics that need society's attention and contribution. 


With this intent of connecting through stories and performances, Sutradhar Talk Show aims to become a platform in itself where people connect on a common ground. To get people together and raise awareness about socio-cultural issues, these talk shows are free for the audiences to attend at large. Sutradhar Talk Show is also accessible for the Deaf with Sign Language interpretation in collaboration with BleeTech Innovations.