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To Real, From Reel | Write an Unwritten Letter to Yourself

The art we create or the ways in which we’re creative are often linked to the emotions we’re feeling. But sometimes, there are bottled-up emotions that we don’t let out, suppressed feelings that we filter. And that makes it all the more important for us to find healthy ways through which we give these emotions a space and an outlet.

That’s why we’re bringing to you Postcards- To Real, From Reel.

Here’s what you’ve to do:

1. Find a piece of paper or cardboard.

2. Find a pencil, a pen, crayons, paints, etc. Find it within yourself to express something you’ve been keeping hidden. Use Side A of the paper to write about your bottled feelings.

3. Once you’re done with Side A, turn the paper around and draw/paint/doodle something that you feel like on Side B. It can be absolutely anything!

You don’t have to send this postcard to anyone, and it can be as personal as you’d like.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Even the ones you’ve kept deep inside.

Remember, they’re extremely valid!

Share pictures of your postcards on your stories and feeds and tag us on Instagram and Facebook @sutradharindia or DM them to us and we’ll share them on our story!

Remember to spread the word and share the activity with your loved ones, maybe it’ll help them get some burden off their chests!

About Reel to Real:

We’ve all been under the Lock down for a little over a month now. Our life as well as the normalcy that came with it feels completely uprooted. This has made us all feel restless and overwhelmed and our mental, physical, emotional well-being feels compromised. It has become a little difficult to deal with our emotions, navigate our way through these new times, and find healthy and sustainable ways to move forward.

Artists or not, we’re all playing a wide variety of roles even in our own homes. We’re friends for a while, and then we have to switch to being employees or students, cooks or brothers, mothers or homemakers, all while staying true to ourselves. However, ensuring that own mental health isn’t affected becomes all the more important in this process when we switch from reel to real.

Reel To Real is Sutradhar’s new campaign, aiming to shed a light on mental health through the lens of art. It aims to bring people together and create a platform where there is a diffusion of art and mental health, and a safe space is created for self-awareness. We want to help you find the difference between what the reel looks like, and what the real is. We want to know how you’re doing. We want to remind you that we’re all in this together!

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