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The You in Youth

A tale of Yuvika, a girl like any other 18-year old, with dreams, aspirations and goals.

By Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

Yuvika’s Education Affected..

“Education is the journey from darkness to light.”

-Allan Bloom

Poem by Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

Yuvika had officially completed her school life and was looking forward to new opportunities and dreams. With a goal to become a therapist she did the entire course work research and was just eagerly waiting for the course to begin. Little did she know that the world would be facing one of its biggest challenges which would affect all aspects of human life, including hers. The world was hit with the pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus. In a matter of a few days, the entire world went into lockdown. The world as Yuvika knew was no more the same.

Education came to a standstill. The way of physically going to an institution with books and attaining knowledge was not how education was perceived as a sector anymore. The future was unclear, unplanned and undecided. But education and the process of learning shouldn’t stop. Yuvika was a bit down, she was a bit sad. Yuvika was excited before the pandemic hit. But her hopes had been broken. However, she realized that learning doesn’t stop, there is always hope. Her course started on a small scale through digital means. Her classes were being conducted through video calling with the help of applications like zoom and skype. She started getting homework and assignments, she had a lot of free time to complete them and also focus on herself, her extracurricular activities. The world may not be the same as Yuvika knew but she was slowing learning to adapt to the new world, a new life and a new routine.

Yuvika Aspires, Yuvika Dreams…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Poem by Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

Yuvika was the kind of girl who always had her head in the clouds, she always dreamed big and aspired to achieve success. In the journey towards achieving dreams, many would find the lockdown to be an obstacle and to some extent it is. In spite of that, Yuvika had decided to take this pandemic as a challenge. She did not let this hurdle in her path be a permanent full stop to her aspirations. She was a bit let down and felt a bit sad, after all, she too was human. But she still aspired to help people, to complete her course and to follow her passion. She dreamed to achieve success.

Yuvika was also an artist. A dancer in the making. She utilized this free time to explore her art, to explore her passion and to keep practicing. She conveyed her emotions through her art. With dance as an outlet, she did not let what she felt pent up inside. She researched, connected with other dancers and other artists, explored different styles of her art and also studied about its history. This time proved to be best for the improvement and perfection of her art practice.

Poem by Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

With exploring online courses, reading, self-studying and researching; Yuvika had decided to take matters into her own hands and to stay at home follow rules while at the same time not stop learning and improving her knowledge. Other than career aspirations, Yuvika also believed in being a better human being, to be a better version of her. She utilized this free time to focus on herself, her personality, her passion and her as a person. She started meditation, exercising, focusing on her health, connecting with people from her field and those who share the same passion. She realized that along with academic learning the various life skills that we need are also equally important. We are not always taught these skills from our schools itself, whereas we should be, it is an integral part of life. Skills like cooking, self-care, things that prove as a basis for work-life or study-life balance. In this modern world and modern way of thinking, someday you would have to live on your own without support. That is the time you need these life skills for survival. Yuvika used this free time in learning and perfecting these basics of life.

Inside Yuvika’s Mind…

“Your mind is a powerful thing. Depending on the thoughts you fill it with, your life will change accordingly.”

Poem by Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

Whenever somebody says ‘take care of yourself’ or ‘stay healthy’ we tend to focus only on the physical aspect. Our mind too needs care and nurturing from time to time. Study shows that whenever a significantly big change takes place in your life, that is the time you need to focus more on yourself emotionally and mentally. Something as a pandemic is a significant event in everyone’s lives and a lockdown is a big change. People are bound to be affected psychologically by that. Especially Yuvika, since she is at a young age where she had now formed her own opinions, was emotionally aware, at this stage, Yuvika must have been affected the same, probably more.

When such unfortunate circumstances arise, naturally a person’s first take on it is negative. Everyone around Yuvika reacted negatively at the beginning of this pandemic. With social media handles labeling this year as the worst year ever and meme pages captioning their posts with ‘can we skip this year?’ or ‘I hate 2020’, the beginning, it was like a web of negativity around Yuvika. When so many people start harboring such negative thoughts and words at the same time, the outcome of our everyday lives too may turn out to be negative. When Yuvika realized this, she started to think positively, say positive, be positive and spread positivity.

To spread positivity, she tried to explain to her peers that it is all about perception. We have two options, we either keep cribbing about this lull period in our lives and bring ourselves down or we see the brighter side of things and make others around us see it too. We bring the youth of the nation can help those people who are actually in need, we can come out of our negative state to see how our lives are better than underprivileged people. We can help them.

It worked. Yuvika was able to convince a lot of people.

Yuvika being Social, the Right Way…

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do.”

-Jana Stanfield

Poem by Sahishnuta Rajadhyaksha

As she was sipping her hot coffee one morning surrounded with her family, cracking jokes, that’s when the realization hit for Yuvika. She thought “I am surrounded with people I love, with food on the table and hope in our hearts, it’s really not that bad.” That is when she realized how grateful she was for her position, she also realized that she had to help the people who were not in the same position as her. She wanted to help people in need. Her parents kept providing a constant sum of money, food and medicines to the maids that could not work at their house anymore. Yuvika decided to join one of the many NGOs working in her region to provide food and financial help to the underprivileged.

Maybe this gesture would help them mentally too. Maybe this way she can spread more positivity and hope around her. All the young adults around her who were originally according to stereotypes rude, ungrateful and always cribbing, were in fact engaged in helping underprivileged people. Underprivileged in terms of finance, mental health, children with learning disabilities and in general everyone that they could help. And that is how Yuvika learned that it is all about perception. Whether you perceive a half a glass of water as “the glass is half empty” and continue cribbing about it or as “the glass is half full” and be grateful for it. She also learned to be empathetic towards people whose lives are like empty glasses and help them with her own life which is like a glass half full. That is how Yuvika learned to always see the silver lining, which is sometimes a bit difficult to find, but it is always there, you just need to see it.

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