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Of Palms and Small Things | Tanvi Kulkarni

By Tanvi Kulkarni

If you feel like you’ve lost your sense of balance lately, If it all feels confusing and you don’t know what step to take next, or even how to take it If doing the same thing feels like an uncomfortable dress that you want to take off but your hands can’t reach the zip on your back Draw the curtains, let a little bit of light come in Absorb the greens of the trees and the greys of the building and the smiles and lives that people walking on the streets wear When you make your breakfast and place it on the table, put a small candle with it Maybe even a scented one Click a picture or two, send it to your friends, say to yourself, “This might be just a bowl of cereal, but it looks so good in this filter. I’m a genius,”

When you sit down for work, instead of using the same black ball pen, open the drawer with the stack of sketch pens, dig your hands inside and take all of them out, balance all the 12 pens in the vessel that your hands make together Resume your work, except now with bright, colourful, lively sketch pens that make everything you write or underline look so much more important, fancy, real, alive Instead of tying your hair in a ponytail, how about a bun? A messy one? Feel the weight of the bun against your shoulders, maybe a little funny, and then ask it how it feels upon your head “Different”, it will say Different, it will feel.

Make a new playlist, add songs that you’ve never heard before A genre that you’ve never really explored before Or maybe a genre you’re secretly obsessed with (Heavy metal? Hindustani Classical? The sound of the trees and the birds?) Instead of an abs day, blast bollywood music, and dance without a care in the world for 7 whole minutes Dance with reckless abandon, let your body become who it wants to, let it feel freedom and liberty, give yourself the chance to move in ways you think you shouldn’t All the world’s a dance floor, and you have it entirely to yourself right now

In the evening, spend half an hour just listening to life outside Outside yours Listening to the birds’ calls, listening to the wheez-whoozing of the wheels of forbidden bikes and cars To the swoosh of trees and their leaves hugging each other with glee Draw how you feel Make a collage Get a little bit of glue on your fingers, let it dry, and then peel it off slowly, like a kid Don’t forget you’re a kid, become it for a day, and then another Make mind maps, make maps on your soft board with pins and words cut-out from the newspaper, put on an overcoat and pretend to be a detective Reorganize your closet, maybe color-coordinate the clothes? Blueandthengreenandyellowandpinkandwhite

Paint a wall in your room Hang a piece of art in your kitchen Plant a sapling, give it a name Paint on your face or your thighs or your arms or your belly, even your toenails Add a little bit of colour in your life Or maybe add a gracious amount, go all the way Remind yourself that there are so many roads you can take, so many ways you can go about this day So many ways you can feel about this day And the best part? You get to decide these tiny details Open your palms, take a deep breath Watch the day extend its palm towards you Take it for a ride Make it yours Because like I said, you get to decide

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