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Creativity Club | You in Youth

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Creations and Expressions of creativity through words, art, performances by the members of Sutradhar Writer's Club and Sutradhar Art Club

Creativity has no bounds, no rules, no regulations. It's your expression that counts. Taking this as the base, Sutradhar Art club and Writer's club are formed, to encourage people, artists, anybody and everybody to use the power of creativity and expression and work on different social topics together.

Our topic for August was You in Youth. Here's featuring works of a few members of the club on this topic.

Chinmayee Kulkarni

Art Club

Artwork by Chinmayee Kulkarni

When the sky changes its colors, the whole world changes with it. The process is slow, gradual, and beautiful. In the same way, we will have to bring the change in ourselves first. Only then will we be able to change the world!

Ketaki Damle

Art Club

Artwork by Ketaki Damle

The phrase “you in youth” got me thinking about how I have contributed to society by using my age/youth to my advantage, and honestly, I found no one thing that sounded significant enough. After putting some thought into it, I’ve realized that my role in the youth today is ever so dynamic.

First, I’m an observer, a documenter- in the next moment I’m standing up against all that is wrong in the world. Suddenly I dare to challenge traditional ideas that are holding me back, and lo and behold- I’m creating something that never was.

But it’s not just me against the world, I’m also striving to get better at being me; to care for myself just as much as I would for anybody else.

In a riot of opinions and notions, I believe my role in the youth is to figure out who I am, embrace it, or be ready for change.

Anaita Mehta

Art Club

Emotion a Bliss, written, choreographed and performed by Anaita Mehta

Vaidehi Patil

Writer's Club

This is a poem that I’ve written for myself. For the (me)andering me.

To the you in Youth,

the teen in quarantine.

Yes, you- the one in the mirror,

at 8 am in the morning

failing to give your father a satisfactory answer to

‘when did you sleep?’.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

I understand that you get a rush out of having too much on your plate

and you equally enjoy engaging in DIY self-care routines all day long.

Could you try to do a bit of both, every day?

You know how good it feels to be able to touch your forehead to your knee,

you know how you love that feeling,

you know how to feel that feeling.

Toshal Gandhi

Art Club and Writer's Club

Fly High

A blank canvas when you’re born,

Twists and threads entangle the lawn,

Your pieces you lay, you fold, you slide,

To make a bird, with its own stride.

Blades and edges, swords of steel,

Shine and grey, pennies to deal,

Struggles and trails, pull you down,

Hold your wing, get you to the ground.

Until you extend your hand out,

In the unknown, leaving all doubt.

Your strength, your values, your work, your might,

Helps you stand tall, with shadows in sight.

Your mind is young, eager to learn,

Your stories many, yet experiences to yearn,

You are the youth, you will, you believe,

Leave your baggage on the ground, fly away from your weave, fly high to achieve.


Join us with your creativity, with your art, be a part of our clubs.

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